Amador Valley High School – Pleasanton, CA

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President: Erica Chiu [email protected]
Vice President: Selena Gao [email protected]

The 2017-2018 school year is the seventh year of Science for Youth for Amador Valley High School. Since last year, the division has been actively trying to outreach additional elementary school students through helping create the science teams at various elementary schools. We recently put on the Fourth Annual Elementary Science Olympiad, a science competition for elementary school students that involves both interactive and critical thinking events, and plan on improving on it for the following academic year.


Foothill High School – Pleasanton, CA

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President: Laryn Qi [email protected]

Founded in 2010, Science for Youth is Foothill’s first community-service club dedicated solely to the sciences! Foothill SciFY gives free, public presentations, offering science community service opportunities around our area, and having fun science bonding events. For the upcoming year, Foothill SciFY plans on hosting free science presentations for our local youth at the Pleasanton Public Library, collaborating with other school clubs, and volunteering with various science organizations in the Bay Area.


The Harker School – San Jose, CA

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President: Andrea Simonian [email protected]

Since 2011, Harker SciFY has led the San Jose Branch of the Science for Youth Organization. Currently, it presents monthly at both the Rose Garden and West Valley Libraries in San Jose. Harker SciFY prides itself on delivering clear, informative presentations on meaningful topics, in addition to a wide variety of fun, hands-on activities that demonstrate clear scientific principles. Topics in the past have included: physics, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, astronomy, the human body, and genetics.


Irvington High School – Fremont, CA

President: Anita Nguyen

Irvington Science for Youth hosts events at the Fremont Public Library for K-8 students. A typical SciFY event opens with an interactive presentation to familiarize students with the topic of the day and ends with a fun hands-on experiment for the children to apply what they’ve learned to action. Past event themes have included paper chromatography, air pressure, rock formation, slime, states of matter, polymers, vortexes, acid and bases, light refraction, density, Earth Day, and more.